Prepping Your Car for Warmer Months: Tips and Tricks to Summerize Your Car

Prepping your car for warmer months You’ve certainly heard of preparing your car for the winter months — also called winterizing — but did you know that you also need to prepare your car for the warmer, summer months? This process is called “summerizing,” and no less of an authority than the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence recommends that you do this to your car! Prepping your car for warmer months is essential. The following, then, is a list of tips, tricks, and best practices to prepare your car for the upcoming summer weather:
  • Make sure that your car’s cooling system is up to par. It’s not just a question of keeping you air conditioned in the sweltering summer heat — it’s a question of keeping your engine cool, and preventing it from overheating, in the sweltering summer heat.
  • To that end, then, make sure that your mechanic checks everything — including things that you may think are minor, such as belts, hoses, and reservoirs. Make sure that there are no cracks or leaks — even the smallest crack and/or leak can lead to major problems down the line.
  • Check all your filters, especially around your air conditioner condenser. If the filters are clean, the air can circulate better, and your air conditioner can do its job better.
  • Check your brake pads frequently. The hotter the weather, the more wear and tear your brake pads will undergo. Simply put, if your brakes are already worn down, it’s going to get even worse in the summertime. Change them now, before the weather gets too hot!
  • Finally, but certainly no less importantly, before you hitch your towing device up to your car, make sure you get that inspected as well.
To ensure your care is best prepared for the warmer months ahead, make sure you stop by John’s Auto Care today!

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