Importance of synthetic oil in prepping your car for warmer months

Importance of synthetic oil in prepping your car for warmer months As we hit the warmer months, the perfect time approaches to pack the car and venture out, whether just for the day, or for that long-anticipated road trip. You look forward to carefree days: packed full of your favorite things to do, an escape from the grind at work, and the smell of sunscreen in the morning. When prepping your car, you want to assure it does not become an interruption to your plans. The warmer months are hard on cars. Winter has passed; temperature changes alone have placed stress on moving parts. Over winter, cold temperatures have temporarily thickened your fluids, placing more stress on your engine. Going into spring and summer, your car will meet heat, dust, increased driving, and crawling in heavier traffic to your destinations. Here are a few tips: 1) Have your A/C inspected. Ensure it will work continuously through the hot months. 2) Make sure your tires are properly inflated, rotated, and aligned. You will want to ensure safety, proper tire wear, and better fuel efficiency. 3) Make sure your radiator and coolant level is sufficient. A cool engine is a happy engine. 4) Bring an emergency roadside kit. 5) Have one of our professionals inspect your engine, especially belts and hoses for any wear or leakage. 6) Get a full synthetic oil change. Warmer outside temperatures and increased driving time places extra stress on your engine oil. This means more trips to have it changed as it loses viscosity more rapidly; and less protection for your engine parts between service intervals. There is a solution to this problem. A high-quality synthetic motor oil keeps its viscosity far longer, and more effectively, than conventional oil. This means your oil stands up to your engine running longer, harder, and under warmer outside temperatures over the season. As synthetic oil maintains its effectiveness better overall, this also means a longer life for your engine. Going back into the winter, it will also stand up to cold temperatures. It will not coagulate as much as conventional oil, allowing your engine to start stronger, and run smoothly no matter how cold. We will assure that you drive with confidence into the warmer months. Contact us for more information.  

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