Why Waxing Your Car Is Important

Are you one of the many people asking, “Why waxing your car is important?” Imagine not applying sunscreen to your skin all summer. We must protect our cars from the sun and other elements in a similar way. Waxing your car will have it looking new longer. Most people know that car dealers and professional detailers recommend waxing your car. Nonetheless, few know the reasons why. This week, while not one of our typical car care topics, we decided to share a list of the primary reasons for waxing your car. Shine Back in the day, cars received only a primer and a few coats of color. Waxing your car was essential to keep it looking new. Today, cars receive a clear coat that helps. However, over time ultraviolet light, road salt, exhaust and other contaminants and pollutants cause damage, making the finish hazy. Waxing protects the clear coat and keeps your car shiny. Washing Dirt and grime will wash away easier when you wax your car. The wax coating will prevent dirt, bugs, bird droppings, and other muck from making contact with your paint’s surface. Without this layer of protection, you may need a full detailing. Prevent Chipping As you are driving down the road, little stones are kicked up and hit your car’s paint. Car wax reduces friction by creating a smoother surface. The stones are more likely to glide off than cause paint chipping. Fill Scratches Car wax makes shallow scratches less noticeable by filling them in. No, the wax will not fix paint scratches, but they will become less obvious. Filling in minor scratches is preferred over removing them because there is no need to strip the clear coat, If you would like to talk more about why waxing your car is important, or need more information, please contact us.

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