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Car Travel – Roadtrips: How 1¢ Can Save You a Roadside Emergency

  roadside emergency, avoid car emergency Heading out on the highway? Whether you’re looking for adventure or just following the beaten path to grandma’s house, a road trip is always fun. Until it isn’t. How many times have you been cruising along, rocking out with some summer tunes and passed the sobering signs of recent disaster? Strips of tread from tires, shards of glass and metal are common sights on the road side in summer. That’s because summer weather and road trips are especially hard on your vehicles tires. Hot weather, heavy loads, and long distances traveled strain your tires. If they’re already worn, the danger becomes that much more severe. A flat or a blowout aren’t your only worries with bald tires though. Summer rain storms can be the worst. Water on the road becomes extremely hazardous when your tires don’t have tread to allow the water to escape. What happens in that case is that you wind uphydroplaning (floating) on top of the water, reducing control of the vehicle and increasing the chances of a collision. The penny test can help you measure your tread, and determine if your tires are safe for a long trip. A worn tire has only 2/32 of tread left. (10/32 is “new”).You can measure the depth of your tread by slipping a penny into the groove. If the tip of Lincoln’s head is visible, your tires are in bad shape. The more of his head that’s covered, the better off you are. Of course, it’s always best to have your tires checked by an expert if there’s any doubt at all. An alignment, balance, and rotation prior toleaving on your trip can save you a roadside emergency and keep you singing all the way to grandma’s house or whatever adventure awaits.  

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