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3 Ways an Oil Change Inspection Can Save the Day

motor oil, Oil Change Inspection Changing the oil is one of the most basic forms of maintenance for a vehicle. Without this service, you cannot expect your vehicle to run well over a long period of time. Eventually, a lack of fresh oil will lead to expensive car repairs, so it is important to prioritize routine oil changes. It is best when you get a thorough inspection with your oil change, which can help when prepping your car for warmer months. Tire Inflation and Examination Air pressure in tires change as the temperature fluctuates. With temperatures rising in the summer, you can expect your air pressure to be off-kilter at some point throughout the season. Going in for an oil change can prevent you from having to worry about any potential issues. They will perform an inspection to make sure your tires are in good condition, and they will inflate the tires to the right pressure level. Working Wipers and Fluid It is not good to be on the road when you have aging windshield wipers and no wiper fluid. Trying to get rain drops off of the front windshield becomes difficult when your blades are not working effectively. It may not rain that much during summertime, but you always want to beprepared for emergencies. Temperature Control Keeping coolant in your car at all times is a necessity. Without it, you put your car in all sorts of risk as it could lead to problems such as a blown head gasket, which is not a cheap thing to fix. A professional inspecting your coolant during an oil change means a checkup every three months or so. Unless you are going on a long road trip or vacation for summer, you should only need one oil change during summer. If you have questions about preparing your car for summer driving, contact us today.

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