Summer is Near! Get Ready for the Road!

Summer Vehicle Maintenance is key!

Lets face it, the mild winter and early spring in the Boulder area has been nice. As a result, it has lead many of us to put off certain household necessities. Summer Vehicle Maintenance being one of them. Keep in mind, all seasonal transitions are tough on your car. Therefore, NOW is a critical time to prepare your vehicle for the peak of the upcoming Summer Driving Season. You know how good it feels to be prepared and on time for a special event  So, for that reason you need your car to be there for you at all times. Don’t forget that although this past winter was a mild one, trouble could be waiting just ‘around the corner’. Below are a few common issues that are known to come up when transitioning into the peak summer driving season. It is particularly important to consider, if you know regular maintenance schedules are overdue or have been skipped all together. The list includes:
  1. Cooling System Failure
  2. Inoperable A/C Systems
  3. Charging/Starting System Failure
  4. Check Engine Light
  5. Low Engine Oil
  6. Low Tire Pressure
  7. Alignment Issues
  8. System Leaks
  9. Timing Belt Failure
  10. Transmission Failure
roadside emergency, avoid car emergency
On the Side of the Road
Your vehicle could be suffering from any or all of these conditions. By failing to address certain issues ahead of time you may be leading yourself to more costly repairs down the road. Furthermore, your safety could be compromised. In some cases, necessary repairs and services may have to be performed to restore the vehicle back to safe and reliable condition. In addition, a complete vehicle inspection is important in finding out what your car’s overall needs are going forward. It is best to be informed and prepared before you set out for that next special event. With this being said, you should find a reputable auto repair and service facility and have your summer vehicle maintenance done NOW before the extremes of the summer months and the potential conditions listed above conspire to leave you on the side of the road.  

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