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Radiators – Keepin’ your Cool

The coolant system is a vital part of your vehicle and is the  second most common cause of vehicle failures.  Even though coolant system failure is fairly common, it is easy to prevent. The most recognizable part of the coolant...
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NEW – John’s Mystery Part Contest

Like Us on Facebook to Participate Every Monday we post to Facebook a photograph of a part we took out of a customer's car. On Fridays we will announce the winner, who will be chosen at random from all the...
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Prepare Your Car for a Colorado Winter

A little preparation goes a long way to keep your car reliable and you safe in winter.  And winterizing your vehicle becomes critical if you plan to play in the mountains!  The only thing worse than being stranded on the...
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Snow Tires – A Margin of Safety

Winter (Snow) Tires – The Best Way to Insure a Safe Winter Driving Season  -  Driving your car on snowy or icy roads can be a stressful ordeal. Just one second of lost traction can create a heart-pounding loss of...
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Tips to Maintain a Healthy Car

According to recent studies, 5 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities are clearly caused by automobile maintenance neglect. Now, that's the extreme that can happen when you don't properly maintain your vehicle, but there are plenty of benefits to be...
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