Auto Fluid Inspections in Boulder, CO: Fluid Exchange & Fill Up Services

John’s Auto Care is the place to come to get car fluids filled in the Boulder area. “Filling up” can refer to more than just gas, as there are a number of fluids within a vehicle that are dedicated to making parts work properly. Since these are located inside the car, it can be easy to forget to check them, but our Boulder automotive shop has got your back. We check on fluid levels for each car that comes through our garage doors, and extend topping off services if any are found to be low. Our Boulder mechanics enjoy establishing long-term relationships with customers, getting to know them and their cars well, so we keep records and send out reminders for when its time to come back in for more fluids.

Need Coolant? Come to Our Boulder Shop

Coolant, also known as antifreeze, works to take the heat generated by a working car engine and disperse it through the radiator. This keeps things cool inside a car so it does not overheat and breakdown on the side of the road in Boulder. The guideline for checking on coolant is about once every 50,000 miles, but if a leak develops before then there could be serious problems, so we check it at no cost to you during an oil change at our shop in Boulder. Our expert mechanics can top off coolant fluid if it’s needed, or perform repairs in Boulder if a leak is discovered.

Supplying Power Steering Fluid in Boulder

The reason that steering wheels glide seamlessly as we make turns is thanks to pressurized fluid from within the wheel called power steering fluid. This invention is relatively new in the automobile industry, an answer to the problem of how difficult maneuvering older cars used to be. When power steering fluid is low, the wheel becomes much harder to turn and steering becomes very difficult, so its best to constantly check on levels before it gets to that point. Our mechanics inspect power steering fluid as part of the multi-point inspection we do at our Boulder automotive shop and can fill it up if need be.

Filling Brake Fluid for Boulder Customers

Brake fluid is a necessity for the stopping of cars. Much like steering, the brake system is hydraulic, so it requires pressurized fluid for things to work together smoothly. If a driver notices braking is a little slow or jerky, the probable cause may be old fluid, something that can be easily taken care of at our Boulder car service center. We offer brake fluid exchange to Boulder customers, where we take out the old brake fluid and replace it with fresh fluid that will work much better.

Boulder Automotive Shop for Fluid Refills

Have you checked on the fluid levels of your car lately? If not, come on in to John’s Auto Care in Boulder and we can inspect all the systems to make sure they are full, and if not, we can top them off for you. Give our Boulder shop a call to schedule a time to bring your vehicle in.

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