Multi-Point Inspections in Boulder, CO: Multi-Point Vehicle Inspections

People in Boulder often wait until there is an obvious issue with their vehicles before taking them in for service, but by that point, the problem has likely been exacerbated and will be expensive to fix. John’s Auto Care offers multi-point vehicle inspections so car owners can stay on top of maintenance and prevent costly repairs or a breakdown on the side of the road in Boulder. Cars are made up of many components, creating a lot of room for error, but our multi-point inspections consist of a long list of quality and performance checks to ensure that the vehicles of our clients function optimally.

Multi-point Vehicle Inspections at Our Boulder Shop

The checklist for multi-point vehicle inspections that we use at our Boulder facility is designed to do a comprehensive check of car components to see if anything is damaged, leaking, or experiencing an issue that will negatively affect driving. We check out the condition of brakes, see if tires are low, make sure lights work, and inspect belts, hoses, suspension, and the exhaust system. Our multi-point inspections also include checking on fluid levels for things like antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid, and we can top them off if necessary. Any damage, leaks, or other issues we find at our Boulder shop can easily be repaired by our mechanics, typically in the same day.

Quality Boulder Mechanics for Multi-point Inspections

People in Boulder can have confidence in bringing their car to our shop for a multi-point inspection because we are a local company with plenty of experience working on all kinds of vehicles. Since our founding in 2005, John’s Auto Care has been a place where drivers bring their Toyotas, Jeeps, Subarus, Fords, BMWs, Nissans, GMs, Hondas, Mitsubishis, Kias, Dodges, Mazdas, and or Audis to be inspected by professional ASE certified mechanics. Our Boulder customers appreciate that we perform comprehensive multi-point vehicle inspections of internal as well as external components, so they know that they are being handed back the keys to a car that is in great condition.

Multi-point Inspection Comes with Boulder Oil Change

We include multi-point vehicle inspections with every single oil change service we perform in Boulder as part of our commitment to car care for our customers. As part of this service, we examine vehicles in Boulder and take note of anything that is damaged, old, rusting, low, cracked, leaking, etc. and communicate those problems to the customer to see if they would like us to go ahead and take care of it. Our goal is to provide Boulder with services that are completed efficiently and to the utter satisfaction of our customers.

Call Us in Boulder About Multi-point Vehicle Inspection

It’s important to stay on top of maintenance for your car and to have its condition checked out every so often. John’s Auto Care offers multi-point vehicle inspections for over a dozen vehicle brands, performed by our quality staff of Boulder mechanics. Call us today to schedule a time to drop off your car for multi-point inspection at our Boulder shop.

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