Oil Changes in Boulder, CO: Oil Change Services

John’s Auto Care provides all the maintenance services that Boulder drivers need for their vehicles, including oil changes. Our Boulder shop offers comprehensive oil change services that go beyond just replacing the fluid and makes sure that vehicles are in good operating condition all around. These extras are included in car oil changes for all Boulder clients as part of our dedication to making sure that they are safe on the streets and their mode of transportation remains in tip-top shape. When you need an oil change in Boulder, we are the automotive shop you can trust your vehicle with.

Why Boulder Drivers Need Car Oil Changes

Car engines have hundreds of moving parts in them whose friction from working together creates heat. Oil is designed to lubricate parts and cool the area so the car does not overheat, but oil is only effective for so long, and after that, it’s time for oil change service. After some time and temperature changes, the once-sleek oil in cars in Boulder begins to oxidize and thicken. The result is a sludgy substance that can cause damage to the engine, an eventually cause serious problems with the car. Before oil gets to that point, drivers in Boulder should come to John’s Auto Care for a car oil change.

Get Routine Oil Change Service in Boulder

One of the most important things Boulder drivers can do to ensure the long-term health of their car is to get an oil change service every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Industry standards have long declared this to be the standard amount of time for between car oil changes because after that point it can thicken and start to harm the engine. We aim to be the go-to shop for Boulder clients to come for oil changes, because our mechanics then get to know their vehicle’s history and can notice any issues that arise over time even before the driver. When people come to our Boulder shop for an oil change, we also include a multi-point inspection of the car to make sure its safe to return the keys to them.

Services Included in a Boulder Oil Change

• Inflate tires to proper specifications and check for wear
• Inspect brakes
• Inspect condition of fluids (top off as necessary)
• Inspect antifreeze level and condition (top off as necessary)
• Inspect all lights
• Inspect belts and hoses and advise on any wear or leaks
• Visually inspect the exhaust system
• Inspect steering & suspension components
• Inspect windshield wipers & fluid (top off as necessary)

Call Our Boulder Shop for Car Oil Changes

Our oil change services will guarantee your car works well on the streets of Boulder and that all the internal parts are well-lubricated. It’s important to stay on top of oil changes, so remember to check on yours every so often, and when it’s time for one, call us in Boulder to schedule a time to bring your car in.

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