Tire Rotations in Boulder, CO: Tire Balancing Services

Much like how when something is wrong with your feet, you can’t walk properly, when something is wrong with a car’s tires, it won’t handle optimally. The two most common maintenance procedures for tires are tire rotations and balancing, both of which we offer at John’s Auto Care in Boulder. Whether you bring your vehicle in for tire rotation, tire balancing, or both, our Boulder staff of ASE certified mechanics can efficiently get them done so you can be on the road again as soon as possible.

Boulder Automotive Shop for Tire Rotation

As people drive around Boulder, their car’s tires are impacted by every surface they come across and eventually wear down over time. Ensure that your tires wear properly by coming to us for tire rotation. To keep their levels of degradation even, tire rotation is required every so often, or about every 5,000 miles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Tires don’t all wear at the same rate, due to differences in driving maneuvers and transmissions; front tires wear faster than back ones, as do right tires typically before their counterparts to the left. To accommodate this and achieve balance in the level of wear and tear for the tires of our Boulder customers, there is a science we use to determine the specific order in which they should be swapped.

Offering Tire Balancing for Cars in Boulder

Another common issue that can happen with tires in Boulder is them becoming unbalanced, which will impact the vehicle by adding a vibrating sensation while it's in use. Weights are located between the tire material and wheel well that can become dislodged and uneven over time, making the rotation become less smooth. Tire balancing is a service we offer in Boulder to combat this, which involves using a machine to spin the wheels to read them and find out which spots need to be stabilized. Our mechanics can then quickly perform tire balancing by adjusting the internal wheel weights before sending you safely back onto the roads of Boulder - without the vibrating.

Boulder Tire Rotation and Balance Services

Boulder drivers know they can trust us with tire rotations and balance because we are an automotive shop that has been in business for over 20 years. Our staff is comprised of quality mechanics that are ASE certified to work on more than a dozen vehicle brands and are always communicative about all work being performed. We aim to provide services that are quick and efficient to our Boulder-area customers because we understand the inconvenience of not having your car.

Call for Tire Rotation and Balance in Boulder

Do you need tire rotation in Boulder? Could your car benefit from tire balancing? John’s Auto Care is a Boulder automotive shop that provides tire services that are sure to be of assistance. Give us a call today for more information on tire rotation and balance or to schedule a time to bring in your vehicle.

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