Preparation For Your Road Trip

Friends preparing for a road trip, road trip preperation
When school is out for the summer, road trips are a great way to have the family close together, and have fun. Before you head out on your road trip, there are some items that you must take care of....
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Car Travel — The Ultimate Arizona Road Trip

sunset over arizona, road trip, johns auto care
  In the mood for a road trip? Why not head on down to Arizona to see some of the many beautiful sights there? If you are a nature enthusiast, or even if you just enjoy checking out gorgeous scenery,...
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Summer Roadtrips for Families: a Checklist

  Summer is in full swing, and with the gorgeous weather comes the opportunity for many families to travel across the state, or even across the country for vacation. Being prepared for a long trip can save your family a...
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Roadtrips – Saving Money on Gasoline

With gasoline prices slowly on the rise again and the summer roadtrip season approaching, we all like to know how to save money on gasoline. Drive Less Often This is a no-brainer, just drive less often. Whether it’s planning ahead...
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Car Travel Roadtrip: New Mexico

There are all sorts of fun and interesting spots less than a day’s drive from Boulder, CO. Popular New Mexico towns like Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque make great car travel road trip destinations. As part of your pre-trip planning, make sure...
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