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Summer Roadtrips for Families: a Checklist

  Summer is in full swing, and with the gorgeous weather comes the opportunity for many families to travel across the state, or even across the country for vacation. Being prepared for a long trip can save your family a...
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How to Prepare for Cross-country Car Travel

George and Martha plan to drive to New York on Interstate 80.  A long-awaited cross-country trip inspired a sense of adventure in the senior couple.  Always thoughtful in preparation, and not wanting to get stranded, George began to review a travel checklist...
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Snow Tires – A Margin of Safety

Winter (Snow) Tires – The Best Way to Insure a Safe Winter Driving Season  -  Driving your car on snowy or icy roads can be a stressful ordeal. Just one second of lost traction can create a heart-pounding loss of...
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